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Here at Flex Pack we help many businesses take the next step to greater productivity and we are very proud of every project we complete. In this news section, we will endeavour to update you with some of the challenges we have risen to meet and our client’s resulting success stories….

Hazardous chemical filling machine increases safety and efficiency

Wednesday 17 June, 2009

A state-of-the-art fully automatic drum filling machine has dramatically increased filling safety standards and efficiencies at Henkel Technologies. The machine was designed and manufactured locally by Flex Pack to comply with Henkel’s new global safety standard. The system comprises a powered roller conveyor with a fully enclosed central filling station with … Read full story

New liquid filler introduces major advantages and greater speed

Saturday 16 February, 2008

A Flex Pack filling system installed at the Juice Terminals facility in Newcastle NSW has added a new scale of major advantages for the company; greater speed of handling inward shipments and faster distribution of product for the company’s customers. Prior to the installation of the filling system, Juice Terminals … Read full story

Filling machine proves its worth with thick pastes

Saturday 10 March, 2007

The move by Melbourne based food company, NSM Food Wholesalers, into the manufacturing of food pastes brought on a need for a filling machine, capable of drawing pastes from a bulk container and then transferring measured quantities into retail size packs.“It is not a simple process to find the … Read full story

New Flex Pack drum filler offers Jasol lift in productivity

Thursday 23 February, 2006

An overall 30–40% gain in the speed of filling 10 and 25 litre containers, and about 50% gain in the speed of filling 5 litre containers is being reported by Jasol, a manufacturer of a wide range of liquid detergents and high performance cleaning agents. The long established company, … Read full story

Flex Pack’s new IBC filler gives big productivity gain

Sunday 15 May, 2005

Filling Pallecon 1000 litre Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) took a big step forward at the Victorian based Regal Cream Products when they upgraded the filling line in their new Colac plant. “We estimate a productivity gain of 25% and more than a halving of the labour costs,” explained Greg … Read full story

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